Trick or Treating, look at those words... what do they mean? 

Trick = Tricking people, so that we frighten them? Why, why would we want to trick someone? Why would we want to scare someone?

Treat = Why would we want to give someone a treat for scaring us? Why would we reward someone for scaring us?

Does this make any sense? Seems to me,  we are giving a very bad message. We are saying it is ok to scare people. but ONLY on this Halloween. 

Don't you think kids are going to wonder why ONLY on that day, why not on all the other days too.

Double standards huh, we sure have alot of them in this world. But one thing is for sure, Jesus is ONE WAY.  A sin is a sin!  That is the bottom line.  Evil is evil, no matter what way you look at it! So you make your own choice. But we should know right from wrong, shouldn't we.

Don't sugar coat the idea of Halloween, to make it seem ok.

Reasons like, "Well my child is not dressed up in those scary costumes." Scary or non-scary aren't' you participating?!   I am NOT a perfect Christian, I am just sharing what the Spirit has laid upon my heart. If you are being affected by this message, I suggest you take that up with the Holy Spirit.  For that is called conviction, that means submission!

No,  I do not participate in Halloween. No,  I have not allowed my children to participate either. We have not sat on the porch yet either, my kids (who are very young) are afraid.   We do intend to share with those children, when my kids are over this fright.  So for now all we can do is pray for those that our lost and those that are being convicted of celebrating, or participating.

I am really appalled at the majority of Christians that think this is ok. We allow our children to be like the world, when we know that the bible states different. "Train up the child in the way he should go" does not mean train them up in the way of the World.

We are also told "do not conform to this world, stand apart and be different

Animal rights activists have more issues going on then we as Christians do. This is a horrible thing that we are letting OUR CHILDREN participate in.  We have enough gore and ugliness in our world without having this day. Lets shed light in this world by not participate in this darkness.

Of course it is up to you what you want to teach your children, but I remind you if Jesus were to return on Halloween,  would you think it be pleasing to Him ?! 

How about "Happy Harvest in the Lord time." Lets stand out!  Are we afraid that we will stand out? don't you think that you will protected by the blood, is it not thick enough for you? 

We are called to spread the gospel, not participate in the ways of the world. I know that alot of you are saying this is harmless, but you are wrong. It is harmless, there is nothing glorifying to God! But you can make it glorifying and wouldn't you rather to that.

I read others perspectives on this issue, and I see it this way,

We have 2 options, 

1. If we are going to participate, do what would be pleasing to Him spread the Gospel! 

2. If not,  shut the door.

So I ask you to examine your heart as a Christian, are you doing the right thing, would you be ashamed if Jesus were to return that day of trick or treat?

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