There is Healing Through Prayer

As we go through the trials in our lives,
I see the hand of God 
               at every turn, it will always amazes me that at each turn, HE IS 
               THERE!  We may feel as though HE is NOT there during those 
               times, but look back and see all that HE has really done. You 
               to will be amazed, I know that He spared alot of people some hurt  
It takes growth in the LORD to deal with what is 
               ahead and HE knows this, obviously, and He will continue to 
               hold us close to HIM and use us to HIS Glory, NOT our own.

God is showing me some things, through this time of hurt and 
               My sorrow, it lies with this man that does not see the love of 
               the Lord. But I am learning to see the works of God  in 
               others lives, I will take you through this journey of mine.

               As I look at the past, I see where God intervened not for all 
               involved, but for me, I see some awesome things.
               God allows us growth, sometimes it maybe painful. But to be 
               honest the pain is worth the growth. The more it draws me 
               closer to HIM, I am happy. 
I am hurting right now; God is healing me though. I know this, 
               because I can feel it. If I were still unsaved (not having the 
               relationship with the Lord), I would be looking for revenge. 
               Others are trying to lead me in that direction, but I keep 
               remembering this sermon, "God's wrath is greater then any we 
               could give." Well I don't wish God's wrath on anyone, but it is 

                Lord I pray, for the Holy Spirit to continue to change my heart to be the best servant 
               possible. I pray that the other person that is hurting me finds 
               peace and that he find the lessons in his life and learn from 
               them, before it is too late. I pray that his heart softens and opens 
               to the Word of God. I pray that there be room in his heart for 
               the Holy Spirit to move freely within to cleanse and wash it 
               I surrender all bitterness, anger and hatred that I may have 
               hidden, so that it may NOT HINDER my walk!
               I do have a problem praying for myself or asking others to do 
               this with me.  When you submit to HIM, He blesses you, like 
               He did to me today! Thanks to all, the prayers and warm words 
               of encouragement,
               I am renewed!

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